All things counter, original, spare and strange in Khujand, Tajikistan


 I went on a walk just now and discovered this wonderful park:

The park I walked in.

At the top of the hill were these:

Planet Trail

Graves?  Ancient standing stones?  No, this is The Planet Trail, a series of strange looking rocks at distances supposedly representing the solar system.  Also on the hill was this:Mills Observatory

An observatory, right under my very nose!  As I came up I saw a group of teenagers and was greeted by an American voice.  The youth worker at this church called The Gate was from Florida!  They came to get the tour of the observatory, but were too late.  I’ll have to go sometime when it’s open.

Pretty bizarre things to come across, huh?  There was actually more, including a monument to a working class housing project and a super-spooky tree.  To see pictures of these discoveries go to: my flickr site.

‘Till next time, have an exceedingly enjoyable day/evening/whatever (time is relative).


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