All things counter, original, spare and strange in Khujand, Tajikistan

Dundee Law

view west from the Law

I finally got a chance to see the lay of the land today.  This is the view west from Dundee Law, or as Mike called it, Law How (as in Aslan’s How, meaning hill).  The WWI memorial on top can be seen from basically the entire city:

WWI memorial

There are also some cool trails around it, where I found these cool flowers.

pretty flowers

At the top I wrote this poem:

Fair Warning

I run this town

If you haven’t heard

And there’s an order out for your arrest.

You’ve been found guilty

By a jury of your peers

Of drowning out story-time,

Driving through meadows,

Tearing down play-houses,

Laughing at make-believe,

Cutting up climbing trees,

Throwing out toys,

And even-most heinous of all-

Not believing in fairies.

For these crimes and others

I swear we will soon have your head.


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