All things counter, original, spare and strange in Khujand, Tajikistan

The Weekend!

Amy, Deuan and Jenny in St. Andrews

Lots of stuff happened this weekend. I went to church in St. Andrews this evening with the people above. In the middle is Deuan, my host. Amy is on the left, Jenny is on the right. They’re way cool. They came over for lunch and we cooked pork chops, shepherd’s pie and apple pastries. It was fantastic. Before today the only things I’ve seen Deuan cook are salad, pasta and chocolate cake. Not that that’s too bad, what else do you need when you have chocolate cake? He’s really quite a good cook, but he never bothers when he’s only cooking for himself. Here’s the remains of one of my cooking attempts:

my cooking

Quite a mess, huh? Good burgers though.
Also went climbing on Friday with Aku. That was really fun. Aku gets distracted easily. One minute we’re climbing, then he wants to get a snack, then we spend like ten minutes trying to get this photo, and fail until this guy offers to take it for us.

Aku and me climbing

I got my library card and went to the Dundee library. I was sorely disappointed in the literary habits of the Dundonians (as they call themselves). No copy of Le Morte D’Arthur in sight. I get the distinction of being the first person in fifteen years to check out The Man Who Was Thursday. Dundee does not like Malory or Chesterton. I have a promise to fulfill to Alex, so I will find Malory somewhere. My word is my bond.


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