All things counter, original, spare and strange in Khujand, Tajikistan

Wowee Zow

I’m going to have to refer to the past seven days as the week of incredible insanity (or WII in deference to Nintendo).  I am now back in Dundee after a whirlwind tour of Cardiff, Bath, Salisbury, Stonehenge and London.  I’ll write a bit about it, but I can’t possibly explain how I feel right now.   More has gone in through these eyes than I can express.

Yep, that’s sunrise over Stonehenge.  I stayed up all night listening to folk musicians, self-proclaimed Druid bards, London street poets and more than a few incoherent drunks.  It was unbelievably awesome.  At the stones themselves, where you see the crowd, there was a big drunken party, which wasn’t that cool.  A few hundred metres away however, the druids brought some culture to the event.  What’s a druid like you ask?  Picture an aging hippie-type.  Now give him (most of them were him, despite the feminist undertones of their goddess worship) a robe in either blue, black or green and white (I think these represented different chapters of the order).  Give him a cool staff decorated with oak leaves or feathers.  You can also imagine him with an antler headdress if you like.  Now imagine that this robe-and-staff-and-maybe antler-wearing hippie-type worships Mother Gaia.  That is the druid order of today.

In London I acted as a blatant tourist for a while, which was fun, but I’m tired of it now.  The best thing I did was see Othello at the Globe Theatre.  You can stand on the floor like the peasants back in the day for only five pounds.  This is the musicians playing during intermission.  Check out flickr for more pictures and stuff.  I’ll write about Cardiff and other adventures later.


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