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About Signpost

It’s a crime how long I’ve gone without writing in more detail about Signpost, seeing as this summer is mostly dedicated to working for them.  Signpost International is a Christian development organization, working mostly in India, Rwanda and the Philippines.  They are a small organization, and they are struggling to break out of a past of poor practice, but I think they are doing a brilliant job with the work they are doing.  They have big plans for a small NGO (Non-Government Organization to the uninitiated) and I think they can pull it off.  One of their biggest struggles, however, is how Christianity fits in to their development work.  They’ve pulled back from formal proselytizing, which they (rightly, I think) believed distorted both the gospel and their work, because it tied Jesus to a hand-out.  But now they need to figure out how their Christian perspective makes them different from other organizations.  How does Christ fit in?

Signpost needs prayer as they deal with this question.  I hope I’ll be able to help encourage them to see Christ as essential in every part of their work, even though that no longer means preaching every time they build a house.

Signpost has begun raising funds for a major slum project in a deprived area called North Baluarte, just outside of Iloilo City Philippines.  I think they have the knowledge and the outlook to make an impact there, and I’m excited I’m here as the project begins.  It’s very instructive being a part of an organization that is in flux in many ways.  I’m enjoying it immensely.  I’m actually able to provide input on Signpost’s programs and strategies!  I’d never get this kind of involvement if I worked for a huge NGO.

Anyway, if you’re one of those people with money, you should support Signpost.  They’re doing great work.  Plus, indirectly you’ll be helping buy my groceries.  Their website is  Check it out for yourself.


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