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Pakistan Floods

This past week while I’ve been complaining about Scottish rain, Pakistan was hit by cyclone Yemyin. Heavy rain and flooding continues in Pakistan, West India and Afghanistan. Several hundred have died, hundreds of thousands, if not millions have been displaced. One of Signpost’s workers in Pakistan, Saul Masih, sent us this picture. He is obviously very effected. Here is his e-mail. He exaggerates the death toll beyond official numbers in this message. I hope he is wrong in his estimation. Please pray for a break in the clouds for Pakistan.


Greetings from Pakistan
We are well and we hope that you will also be well in Jesus name…Amen.

I have to give you a prayer request. As you know about sea storm, flood and rain in Pakistan. Thousands have died and lost in this situation and thousands houses are swept away. Please keep these people in your prayers. These people need your prayers.
Now Govt says next 4 days are very dangerous. It had been raining for 20 hours and it swept thousands houses in Province Sarhad and Balochistan. Total Sindh is effected by heavy rains.
If you want to get more information about Pakistan rains please see Pakistani news papers on internet and you will see in pictures how people are effected by rain and sea storm

Now people are crying for their relatives and help. After earthquake 2005 this is second greatest tragedy in Pakistan in thousands people are died and thousands are lost.
I hope you will be praying for these people and for peace from the heaven. It is raining in our city and it is very heavy rain. In my own city some clay houses are affected and people were injured badly. I shall go to see these people and broken houses. A greatest river Satluj is very close to our city and now it is full of water. Police is helping people to shift from their villages. People are in great problem. Rain is not being stopped. Govt is unable again to provide protection and relief to people.

I hope your prayers will be appreciated.

God Bless You and Your family…Amen
Saul Masih
The ArifWala Project


2 responses

  1. Rose

    I can’t see the picture (it’s asking for a username/password), but I’ll be praying for them! We’re having some crazy flooding here too, but nothing as tragic as that…

    Btw, this is the Rose you graduated with, if you hadn’t already guessed. 😉

    July 2, 2007 at 10:46 pm

  2. akidabroad

    Sorry about the picture. Should work now. And yes Rose, I knew who you were.

    July 3, 2007 at 11:45 am

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